Stashless, and a making list

A newsletter from Felicia of The Craft Sessions, redecorating (having to move so much stuff out of the way) and a dwindling bank balance (lockdown internet shopping) have combined to make me want to work through the Stash Less prompts again.

I really love Felicia’s approach, which isn’t about not having a stash – she loves having a stash – it’s about having a meaningful stash, which will be used.

I’ve given away or sold everything I don’t think I will use, so I’m left with drawers of fabric which I really like. But there is still a lot to just sit there, and I need a plan to use some of it.

I thought it would be helpful to list some of the projects I can make, where I already have all the supplies. The plan is to refer to this whenever I want to start a new project, or if I’m tempted to buy fabric.

I love using scraps, and I’ve got two scrap quilts in progress. One is machine sewn and one hand sewn, so I’m using scraps whether I want to sit at my machine or hand sew in the garden or relaxing in the evening.


Flower/triangle English Paper Pieced quilt. I started this one in June, as part of #100daysummersewalong, organised by Jen of Sew Fine Thread Gloss

Scrap vortex quilt – I just keep adding blocks to this one. I’m not sure how big it will be!

Hetty adding to the Vortex effect!

A baby sized Bedding Plant quilt – for gifting in the future. The pattern is from Jo Avery’s lovely book. I gave this quilt to a new baby last week, and it was such a lovely thing to be able to do. I’m planning to keep a baby quilt or two in the present box, ready for gifting.

Another Ombre quilt, to be gifted (I’ve just got the binding to do). I think this is my sixth ombre quilt – it’s a great stash buster!

I’m joining in with #30daysofimprovqal in August

2021 Temperature quilt – I’m enjoying stitching this and have kept up to date with it

Plaidish quilt – a free pattern by Kitchen Table Quilting. I made this navy, throw sized quilt as a gift, and I loved it so much I want to make another. I’m going to use all my favourite prints, to get them out of the drawer and out on display.

Throw size Kawandi quilt. This is likely to be a winter project, so I can snuggle under it while I’m stitching.


Grey sweatshirt – because I wear sweatshirts a lot, have the fabric, and it’s taking up space

Summer pyjama bottoms – I have some beautiful Portland Navy from Merchant & Mills

Grainline Reed skirt – I bought this pattern over a year ago, thinking it would be the perfect spring/autumn skirt. Also some dark grey brushed chambray.


Firefly tote– I’m going to make this a little wider, to fit everything I take to Quilt Guild meetings

Sarah Ashford’s Notebook Clutch and Pen case, for small niece

Valerie Goodwin Mapping Personal Places course

Dye fabric with natural dyes. I’d like to use some of the fabric for the Map course


So I think that’s a reasonable list to start with. It will be interesting to see how much of my fabric these projects will use. I’d like the drawers to have some space in them and not look like this, with everything crammed in!

I’ve just had another look through that chest of drawers, and there are so many lovely pieces of fabric. I just get distracted by the next pretty thing, and forget what I already have.

There are many, many more projects I could put on this list, but I’m going to stop now with a few rules –

  • No new fabric or patterns
  • No new equipment, thread, zips etc unless I need something to complete a project
  • Check in with this list at the beginning of every month
  • Keep going

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