Map quilt experiments

Before I made my Hope mini quilt, which I wrote about last week, I made this map as an experiment in piecing and different quilting stitches.

This is Alicia Merrett’s method. You start by stitching narrow strips together. Then cut them, and piece into blocks.

Keep adding pieces, building up houses and fields. As a base, use a piece of wadding cut to a little larger than the finished size of the quilt. This is a map of a village on a crossroads.

Then I quilted, using a mixture of machine and hand stitching. I looked for stitches which would also look good on the back. Cross stitches worked really well, and I especially enjoyed combining straight rows of machine stitches and running stitches.

My last step was to add a faced binding using this tutorial. I really like the way the fields disappear off the edge of the quilt.

If you’d like to find out more, Alicia has very generously made an online copy of her book Mapping the Imagination available here. There are lots of examples of her maps, plus a detailed explanation of the techniques she uses.

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