Hope mini quilt

This is my contribution to the Hope Mini Quilt Challenge, organised by Great British Quilter.

The global pandemic has been a challenge for us all. Yet, there is one thing that we can cling onto as we look to a brighter future, and that is hope. Hope that one day it will be over, and that we’ll be able to experience the same joys and freedoms that we once had. As quilters, during times of hardship we turn to our sewing, and find peace and calm within our stitches. So the Hope Mini Quilt Challenge was born.”

When I started thinking about the Challenge, the news was particularly bleak, and I was struggling to feel hopeful. I started to think about stepping back, looking at the Earth from a distance and thinking about how we were all working together to overcome the pandemic.

I was inspired by satellite images of city lights at night. The steadiness of them, and how they might, in dark times, represent the good in people.  The brilliance of our scientists, the dedication of our health workers, and everyone who is keeping our communities going.  The many large and small kindnesses we have shown one another.

My quilt is a map of city lights, pieced using a technique I learned from Alicia Merrett at a Festival of Quilts workshop a couple of years ago. I enjoyed using some prints, especially dots and grids, to add texture. The black background is made from prints and solids in different shades.

The whole quilt is quilted using Kantha stitches to add extra lights and movement. I used Wonderfil Perle Cotton variegated threads in black/grey and orange/yellow, plus a cream thread.

At the beginning of the process I wrote a few lines which I kept in mind while I was stitching.

Love shines out
We are battered
We have lost so much
We have lost so many
But our lights still shine out so brightly,
and there is hope, always.

There have been some truly wonderful entries and I’ve really enjoyed taking part in the Hope Challenge. You can see the Gallery at Hope Challenge Gallery.

Update: My quilt will be part of the Hope Challenge exhibition at Festival of Quilts in July!

Another update: I was one of the winners!!! You can see the other winners and a film of the gallery showing all the exhibits on the Great British Quilter Instagram


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