Ombre striped quilts

I wanted to make some ‘thank you’ quilts for a few of our Instagram canine friends who were especially kind when Hetty lost her sight.

I have lots of beautiful printed fabric which I haven’t used so I decided to start cutting into my stash and making some gifts. I was inspired by the Alison Glass Kantha quilt which I made last year, but with wider strips and machine rather than hand quilting.

The first step is to cut the strips, as long as possible. I went for 3 inches wide. Then I joined similar colours together, and arranged them in an ombre pattern. I stitched them together and squared up the quilt top. Offcuts were saved to be made into strips for another quilt.

I quilted each strip in toning thread, so this was also a great way of using up those annoying almost-used reels!

Here are two of the finished quilts drying on the line.

I enjoyed making these quilts. They were fairly quick to do, and it’s been lovely to send them off and seeing them pop up on Instagram, all over the world. They also used up a significant amount of my fabric stash, which has been wonderful!


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