Union Jack quilt revisited

A couple of months ago I spent a morning balancing on the river bank near our house, taking a new photo of my Union Jack quilt.

My dear friend Sarah (Sarah Ashford Studio) had asked for a picture of it to use in an article for Today’s Quilter magazine. I did have a nice photo of the quilt, but had somehow managed to lose it – I’m not sure how as I seem to have automatic back ups of all sorts of things I don’t want to keep!

I’d often wondered about taking a quilt photo using this bridge, so it was an ideal opportunity.

I had a few days to get the picture taken, but the weather was terrible. Then, on the day of the deadline, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared, and I had an hour or so to take the shot.

Here is it in the magazine!

I’d done quite a bit to the quilt since I wrote about finishing it in 2016. It was going to be used in a (cancelled) quilt exhibition last year as part of a Great Britain display, so I’d done a lot more quilting on it to prepare for that. It’s funny to read about quilting it the first time – I’d hardly done any!

I machine stitched more straight lines to the red and white parts, and hand quilted around the blue hexagons. It was good to be able to go back and use what I’ve learned about quilting in the past few years.

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