Stitch Calligraphy with Rosalind Wyatt

One of the postitive things to come out of the past year has been the number of workshops being run over Zoom. There is such a range to choose from, from the lengthy, in depth ‘retreats’ to quick taster sessions.

I even had a facial over Zoom! It was a John Lewis/Elemis event. The fee was £10 and we were sent a parcel of samples in the post, and then shown how to use them. It was such a treat and I learned a lot. I now always take a moment put my hands over my face and inhale my cleaning balm (I use this rose scented one). It’s a lovely end to the day. And my skin is so much better now that I cleanse properly in the morning, instead of a quick swipe with micellar water.

Toast has been running some wonderful creative events and I booked on to Stitch Calligraphy with Rosalind Wyatt. Quite often with these shorter workshops it’s on speaker view so you can’t see the other participants. I quite like this – you can just relax, listen and stitch away. They said there were over 250 people taking part, from all over the world.

We started with some warm up exercises, which helped when creating the flow of the letters. Rosalind showed us lots of ideas and examples, and then we chose a word and had a go at stitching it. The letters are made by bending the thread and couching it down, making stitches at appropriate points. I preferred to write the word on the fabric first, but you don’t have to.

You can see as I move from my first examples at the top, to the bottom, how it gets easier with practice. The couching stitches need to be tiny so they don’t interrupt the flow of the letters. I experimented with various threads, and found a thick button thread to be the most successful.

It was a really interesting class, and I learned a technique I didn’t know existed before. I’ll be keeping an eye on the Toast events pages for more workshops.

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