Abstract Arcs

I took part in the Modern Quilt Guild swap for the first time this year. The brief was to make a mini quilt up to 24″ square, and we were encouraged to experiment and try techniques that were new to us.

My quilt is based on Cotton and Bourbon‘s Abstract Arcs pattern. I added sashing between the blocks.

The inset strips were great fun to do. I always find improv piecing intimidating before I start, but as soon as I’m in the zone, I love it! I found the best way for me to make the blocks was to insert strips into fabric to make a piece larger than I needed for one block, then I could use the remaining pieces of the block to cut out the smaller shapes. You can see this in two navy pieces with turquoise inset strips, on the right hand side of the quilt.

I used a faced binding for the first time. It was easy to do, and the perfect finish for a quilt were I didn’t want the distraction of binding around the edge. I followed a Cotton and Bourbon tutorial.

My partner was Cindy of Cascadia Quilts, who lives in Seattle. I was so happy it got to her as it took six weeks to arrive, and we were starting to think it was lost!

Here is the beautiful quilt she made me, and her description of it –

“The day that we were assigned swap partners was also the day it was starting to look more like we were going to have new leadership here in the U.S.. I was feeling optimistic for our future and once I learned that Denise also liked bright colors and geometric patterns, I immediately knew that I wanted to make a mini symbolizing all of us flying out of the night sky of 2020 and into a brighter future. A quick Google search found this great pattern by @betteroffthread! It was my first time trying reverse applique and big stitch binding, and a fun make!”

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