Moon phase applique

In September I went to a Zoom workshop for the first time. I’ve been wanting to improve my applique skills for a while and was so disappointed that a workshop that I’d planned for my Guild with Kerry Green had to be cancelled. So when I saw she was planning an applique session with Crafty Monkies I signed up straight away!

The Moon phases are a great skill builder, with circles, curves and the dreaded points all covered. Kerry taught us several different methods and explained which was best for the various shapes.

I decided to make my finished piece into a quilt block holder.

I added a back made from half square triangles. I arranged them into pinwheels, then substituted squares in random places to give an improv feel.

Then I made a quilt sandwich with bosal foam and a cream print for the inside cover. The triangles are machine quilted and the moons are quilted with running stitch and crosses for a starry sky.

I cut pieces of flannel from Organic Textiles to make the pages, and stitched them onto the cover, then bound the edges.

The finished quilt block holder!

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