Snowflake winter quilt

This quilt grew out of a pile of scraps in pinky red, chartreause and golden yellow. I’d admired Modern Handcraft’s Snowflake quilt when it was released a year or so ago. The graphic design is so bold and modern, and fabric choice and placement makes such a dramatic difference to the result. I decided on a random arrangement for the background, but I love the striped version too.

It’s not the most fun quilt to make, as it’s just squares and half square triangles, but I concentrated on getting everything joining up as accurately as I could. To keep the random look, I actually did a fair bit of planning. I divided the different colours and prints up so I had a pile for each strip of blocks and did a quick check before I sewed blocks together, to make sure the same fabrics weren’t next to each other.

I pieced the back from my stash. The red star squares are machine appliqued on – there are from a layer cake, so they already had pinked edges. The other squares are pieced in.

I finished the binding with big stitches in Aurifil 12. This is becoming my favourite way to finish a quilt. It’s fast, and I love the folksy look.

I’m delighted with the finished quilt. The strong colours are a tonic on a grey winter day.

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