Zooming around

I’ve been rather slow to try online workshops. Going to workshops in real life has always been one of my favourite things to do, and I wasn’t sure meeting up virtually would come close to that experience.

But when I saw that Kerry Green was teaching applique at Crafty Monkies, I had to sign up. Kerry’s applique skills are wonderful, and applique is something I’ve wanted to get better at for a while.

I’m really glad to say that I loved it! The demonstrations are very clear and easy to see, and we had plenty of time to ask questions. I enjoyed being part of the group too, and it was so interesting to hear how people were getting on around the country – and abroad. One lady had got up at 4am to join us from the USA.

More on my Moon Phase applique next time. It’s almost finished, and I’m making it into a quilt block holder.

This week I ‘went’ to Brazil, to learn transparency techniques with Carolina Oneto. We learned about how to achieve a transparent, overlapping effect with colour theory, using English Paper Piecing to join the pieces. It was so much fun, and has completely converted me to learning online.

I’ve just signed up for some lectures and a class at QuiltCon (which is being run virtually next year) – only 98 days to go!


  1. Love your moon phase work so beautiful. It sounds like you had a really positive experience. I miss attending workshops too but I’ve signed up for a glass course in January to extend my skills. It will be my first zoom experience! Jo x

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