Asagao & Couching – Alison Glass Stitch Club

The focus this month in the Alison Glass Stitch Club was couching, which is all about laying thread on top of the fabric. Originally developed so all of a precious thread would be seen, rather than stitched partly under the fabric, couching is now used for all sorts of thread and yarn.

I have to say, I am not a fan! It just doesn’t appeal, but the beauty of this Club is that Alison finds so many different versions of a stitch, there is bound to be one for everyone. And I found two – Asagao, which is a Japanese weaving stitch, and embroidered daisies.

Asagao is made by first stitching a grid of cross stitches. I used the plastic templates from The Geometry of Hand Sewing by Natalie Chanin to mark out the grid. Then thread is woven between these stitches. I used a varigated Aurifil 12 weight and think the finished result is so pretty.

I sewed the embroidered panel into a pouch, as a gift for my eldest nephew’s fiance.

For the daisies, I had a pack of Paint Box Threads in Vintage, from Beyond Measure. It’s a gorgeous mix, with my favourite chartreuse giving a pop of colour. I’m not sure what the plan is for this one – I’ll just keep stitching it!

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