My Pollinate quilt is finished! It’s taken about eighteen months to make, and I have loved every minute of it.

I was attracted to the pattern because of all the different shapes, which meant I didn’t get bored. In fact, I extended this quilt beyond the pattern, because I wanted to make more of the blossoms.

I did this by photocopying the plan and cutting and sticking it back together – not pretty, but it worked. This quilt is 73″ (approx 6ft) square, the pattern is for a 47″ x 58″ quilt.

My colour inspiration was a layer cake of Longitude batiks by Kate Spain. The rest of the fabric is from my stash, with lots of my favourites, Alison Glass, Moda Confetti and Grunge.

This is the first time I’ve used low volume fabrics in large areas of a quilt, and there are all sorts of prints in there! I went through my scraps and stash and used anything with a cream or grey base. Karen Lewis’ Wayside was released towards the end of making this quilt, so I added some pieces of that collection to the edges. Sarah Ashford very kindly gave me some pre-release pieces of the lovely text prints in her Back to Basics collection, so they are in there too.

The back is a mixture of golden yellow and chartreuse print squares, with cream bands to tone down the yellow! I quilted it with radiating lines from the centre of each of the six blossoms, with some additional lines where needed.

This lovely epp pattern is by Kitty Wilkin (Nightquilter), and I bought the pattern, templates and papers from Karen Tripp (DIY addict)


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