Make + Review – Pamper your Pooch by Rachelle Blondel


If you’re a dog lover, this book is probably worth buying for the cute pictures alone!  There are also some really great ideas to make for your dog, or as gifts.

I sewed a travelling dog bed for Hetty.  It’s made from brushed cotton and backed with  waxed cotton.  I filled it with two layers of wadding (the pattern says one, but I suppose it depends on the wadding you are using) then quilted by hand tying in a grid.

Pamper Your Pooch travelling dog bed

I’m keeping this on the back seat of the car – it stays put and doesn’t get rucked up like the blanket I was using.  She could also use it when visiting or under the table in a pub to keep her comfortable and happy.

Pamper Your Pooch travelling dog bed

I also made her some of the carrot and oat biscuits.  She loves these!  I hadn’t thought of making dog treats before and will certainly keep making them.  They only keep for a week and the recipe makes quite a few.  I don’t want a podgy pooch so I froze some of the dough to use later – which worked perfectly.

Pamper Your Pooch dog biscuitsThe downside of the book for me is that Hetty is very rough with her toys, so I wouldn’t make her any of the stuffed toys, or anything which might be damaged by chewing.

However, there is plenty for the feisty terrier. I’m going to try the plaited jute toy and the sweet potato chew strips.  I also love the towel with built in hand pockets for bath time.

I highly recommend Pamper Your Pooch.  There are so many patterns and recipes, most dog owners will find something they want to make.  Though if you’re making things as gifts, check they are suitable for that dog, and I would attach an ingredients label to the food items.

You can find some of the patterns and recipes, including the dog biscuits, here.

I’ll leave you with some more cute doggy pics.

Pamper your Pooch review


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