Anna Maria Horner Roundabout top

Roundabout dress top

I’m always looking for new woven top patterns, and when I saw the Anna Maria Horner Roundabout dress and top on the South West Stitchers swap table I pounced! (Politely – there was no grabbing, I promise).

The cover doesn’t look promising – I can’t tell you how much this dress wouldn’t suit me – but I liked the line drawing of the top, and it looked perfect for this piece of vintage fabric I picked up a while ago at Fountain Antiques in Honiton.

pattern 1   pattern 2

A few changes – I shortened the sleeves as those flowers could be overwhelming, and narrowed the hip band to a more flattering width.

I love the neckline.  It’s very stable, which works well with the flowing lines of the rest of the top.

Roundabout top

I don’t know who donated this pattern, but if you are reading, thank you!

Swaps are brilliant.  I took along several patterns, books and fabric which I wasn’t going to use, and brought home some that I will.  I organised this swap, and (after looking up how to do it online) I used colourful cardboard (greeting cards and packaging) to cut out some slim rectangles for tokens.  Everyone was given a token for each item they brought, and later in the meeting tokens were swapped for things to take home.   The tokens weren’t really necessary, but made it more fun.

It was a lovely day, with lots of chat.  Fascinating to hear from Fiona Pullen of The Sewing Directory about her new book Craft a Creative Business – pre-order available now!



4 responses to “Anna Maria Horner Roundabout top

  1. I love what you have done with the pattern! I think that you have turned a very unflattering pattern in to a really pretty top!

  2. Very pretty, it really suits you and works well with the print too

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